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2 person 35 €per person Total price 70 €
3 person 30 €per person Total price 90 €
4 person 25 €per person Total price 100 €
5 person 22 €per person Total price 110 €
6 person 20 €per person Total price 120 €
Cage Quests Karlsuhe
Cage Quests Freiburg
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About us

The names Cage Quests Freiburg and Cage Quests Karlsruhe stand for Escape rooms, which is a new exciting entertainment trend. However, you will not be asked to read books and search for suitable keys. 
We create a breathtaking atmosphere and offer our clients becoming heroes of a breathtaking adventure and experience a fantastic, but at the same time absolutely realistic stories:
  • absorbing, but not a movie
  • with the whole family or accompanied by your friends, but not in a cafe
  • interesting and informative, however not a museum
  • funny and sociable, but not at the friends' house
You will try to escape from the room within unforgettable 60 minutes. You need to be creative, attentive, open-minded and for sure act as a team to complete the mission.
All our stories are unique and you will definitely enjoy the time you have spent with us! You can book the slot right away here!

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