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2 person 35 €per person Total price 70 €
3 person 30 €per person Total price 90 €
4 person 25 €per person Total price 100 €
5 person 22 €per person Total price 110 €
6 person 20 €per person Total price 120 €
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What is the CAGE Adventure?

CAGE adventures are based on the escape-room concept. However, developed story-lines, exclusive interriors and high-quality equipment are our distinguishing philosophy. A picture is worth a thousand words - so come and feel the real drive of emotions with us!

What is an Escape-room?

Escape-room is an intellectual team entertainment, aimed at finding the way out of the premises, which consists of 2 or more rooms, in the course of 60 minutes. During your adventure, which is focused on development of teamwork skills, your teammates and you will be completing challenging tasks and will benefit from the great emotional fun!

Ticket price

Group size Tiket price
For groups out of 2 persons 35 €/person
For groups out of 3 persons 30 €/person
For groups out of 4 persons 25 €/person
For groups out of 5 persons 22 €/person
For groups out of 6 persons 20 €/person

Methods of payment

You can pay online using: Visa, MasterCard and Paypal.
You can pay on site using: EC Karte, Visa, MasterCard and cash.
We also accept the following gift certificates: Cage Quests Gift Certificate, Gutschein, Karlsruher Geschenkgutschein.

More information about Gutschein: Escape the room FreiburgEscape the room Karlsruhe.
More information about Karlsruher Geschenkgutschein here.

Whom does it fit?

  • friends
  • colleagues
  • families
  • couples

How can I take part in the CAGE Adventure? What should I do to participate?

You have to plan your visit in advance and book an adventure on the website or over the phone. You and your teammates are kindly requested to be on time. All further information is available on the website.

Children Participation

Children under 14 are allowed to participate with parents only. Children under 10 years are not permitted. Please be aware, some adventures might have additional age restrictions.
There is a 50% off the regular price for school students on working days (Tuesday through Sunday). The appointment should be done for a timeslot between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Am I too old/ too young?

To succeed in our adventures you will require a little bit of creativeness, logic and teamwork. It doesn't matter how old you are!

Size of the group

Recommended number of participants is stated in adventure descriptions. However, if your team is more than recommended size you can always book a parallel contest in several rooms at a time.

A parallel contest or competition – when does it make sense?

If your team consists of more than 6 people it is possible to book 2 or more adventures in parallel. When booking via our website or over the phone, please inform us that you would be having a contest, so we can fit you in the same time slots.

Can I take part if I don't speak German?

Yes, you can. Please specify this in your booking request.

Are the adventures safe?

All rooms are equipped according to health and safety requirements and could not do you any harm, provided that you and your teammates follow the instructions of our staff.

What are these instructions about?

The most important rule we warn our clients about is not to apply physical force. If you do everything correctly the mechanisms will work easily. Some elements are marked with "Stop" sticker and do not take part in the game. As a rule infrastructural elements such as ventilation and etc. are among them.

Will you record us during the adventure?

All our rooms are equipped with surveillance cameras. They are installed only for supervision of the adventure and safety reasons.

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