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Data privacy statement

The following data privacy statement revers to the use of our online offerings [] (following referred to as „website“).

We set a high value on data privacy. The ascertainment and processing of your personal data happens due to the data protection prescription, especially the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  1. Responsible Person

The responsible Person  for the ascertainment, processing and use of your personal data referring to Art. 4 Nr. 7 DSGVO is

Olga Weber, director

Cage Quests GmbH

Omerskopfstraße 62

77855 Achern

If you want to veto the ascertainment, the processing or the use of you data providing this data privacy statement in total or partly, you can direct your objection to the guarantor.

Saving or printing this data privacy statement is possible anytime.

  1. General purpose of the processing of data

We use personal data for the purpose of our website.

We are sworn to secrecy according to your personal data, with the exception of your name and the booking information, which are used by the staff  to accomplish your booking. Your personal data will NOT be transferred to any third party.

  1. Which data do we use and why?

3.1  Hosting

The hosting accomplishment, which we have claimed is available for following accomplishments: ifrastructure- and platform services, calculating capacity, storage space, data bank service and technical maintenance performance, which we use for the organization of our website.

We and accordingly our hosting provider process stock data, contact details, content data, contract data, utilization data, mata- and communication data from customers, interested party and users of this website on behalf of  a effective and secure use of our website according to Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1f) DSGVO I.V.m. Art. 28 DSGVO.

3.2  Access Data

We collect information about you, as soon as you use this website. Automatically we capture information about your usage behavior, your interaction with us and register data according to your computer or mobile phone. We receive, save and use data via your access on our website (so called serverlogfiles). The access data include:

–        name, URL of the called off file

–        date and time of the call off.

–        Data volume transferred

–        notification about a successful call off (HTTP response code)

–        browser type and browser version

–        operating system

–        Referer URL (means the previously opened site)

–        websites, which are called off by the users system via our website

–        Internet-service-provider of the user

–        IP address and the provider's inquiries

We use this log data, without allocation to your person or other profile creations, for statistical evaluation for the purpose of  the operation, security and the optimization of our website, but also for anonymous registration of the number of visits of our website (traffic), also the extent and type of use of our website and services, finally for billing purposes, to identity the number of clicks from cooperation partners.

According to that information we are able to provide personalized and locational contents and analyze the data traffic, find errors and solve them and for that are able to improve our services.

In this we see our legitimated interest in Art 6 Abs. 1 S. 1f) DSGVO.

We reserve the right to check the log data subsequently, if  there is any definite lead of illegal use. We save IP adresses for a limited period of time in the Logfiles, if it is necessary according to security reasons or for the service provision or for the billing of a service, eg. If you use one of our services.

After the cancellation of the order process or after the receipt of payment we will delete the IP address, if it is no longer required for security reasons. We also save IP adresses if we have a definite lead of a crime related to the use of our website.  Also we save as a part of your account the date of your last visit on our website (eg. Registration, login, clicks of links …).

3.3  Cookies

We use so called Session-Cookies to optimize our website. A Session-Cookie is a small text file, which is send and temporarily saved on your hard disk. This file contains a so called Session-ID with which different requests of your browser can be allocated to the joint meeting. Thus your computer can be recognized if you return to our website. After shutting down your browser, the cookie will be deleted. The function among others is that you can use your shopping cart function over different sites.

In smaller eytent we also use persistent cookies (also small text files, which are temporarily saved on your hard disk), which stay on your hard disk so we can recognize your browser as soon as you enter our website. This cookies are saved on your hard disk and delete themselves automatically after a  prescribed amount of time. It's lifetime fluctuates between 1 month to 10 years. Thus we can present you our offers user-friendly, effectively and secure. Additionally we can match our information to your special interests.

Our legitimated interest on using cookies, based on Art 6 Abs. 1 S. 1f) DSGVO is due to the fact that we want to create our website user-friendly, effectively and secure.

In cookies following data will be saved:

–        log-in information

–        language setting

–        entered keywords

–        information about the number of call offs and the use of different functions of our website

In case of activation of this cookie it will be assigned a identification number. The  allocation to your personalized data will not be undertaken.  Your name, your IP address or similar data, which could provoke a allocation to your personalized data will not be marked in the cookies. Based on the cookie technology we only receive  pseudonymous information, eg. Which sites have been opened or which products have been viewed on our website.

You can set your browser, that you will be informed about the insertion of cookies in advance. Thus you can decide for individual cases, if you want to block the cookies in general or just for special cases. If you decide to block cookies in general, the result could be a limited function of the website.

3.4  Data of the fulfillment of our contractual obligations

We process personalized data, which we need for the fulfillment of our contractual obligations eg. Name, address, e-mail, ordered products, billing data or payment details. The collection of  the mentioned data is needed for the conclusion of contracts. 

After the expiration of the warranty- and legal storage period the data will be deleted. Data which is linked to a user account (see below), stay saved as long as the account is been used.

The legal bases on which the processing of your data is based on is Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 b). We need the data to fulfill our contractual duties to you.

3.5  User Account

You can create a user account on our website. If you want that, we need your personalized data which has been asked for while logging in. After that first login you will only be asked to enter your email/user account and your chosen password.

For a new registration we require master data (eg. Name, address), communications data (eg. E-mail), payment details (eg. Bank details) and login data (eg. User name, password).

To secure a proper registriation and to minimize unauthorized registrations by third parties, you will receive an activation code after your registration on your e-mail to activate your account. After a successful registration we will permanently save your data in our system.

At all time you can get your account deleted by use, without any extra fees. A message in textual form to the in 1) mentioned guarantor is enough (eg. E-mail, fax, letter). Then we will delete all your personal data, if they are no longer needed for transactions of orders or because of storage duties.

The legal bases for the processing of your data is your approval of Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 a) DSGVO

3.6  Newsletter

To registrate for the newsletter you need your data from the enrollment process. The registration for the newsletter will be recorded. After signing in you will get a message on your given e-mail in which you are asked to confirm your registration (“Double Opt-in”). This is required for security reasons so no third party is able to sign in with your email.

At all time it is possible to cancel or contradict the reception of the newsletter.

We save login data as long as it is required for the dispatch of the newsletter. We save the recording of the registration and the shipping address, as long as a verification of the original approval is required, usually the periods of limitation for civil claims, maximal three years.

The legal bases for the dispatch of the newsletter is your approval of Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 a) iVm Art. 7 DSGVO iVm §7 Abs. 2 Nr. 3 UWG. The legal bases for recording the registration is our legitimate interest of evidence, that the dispatch takes place with your approval.

At all time it is possible to reverse the registration, without any extra fees. A message in textual form to the in 1) mentioned guarantor is enough (eg. E-mail, fax, letter). Of course you will find a sign out link in every newsletter.

3.7  Product Recommendation or review

Despite the newsletter we will send you product recommendations on regular bases to your e-mail. Thus we are able to give you information on products, based on your prior shopping of products or other services, in which you might be interested in. We are strictly guided by legal requirements. At all time it is possible to contradict, without any extra fees. A message in textual form to the in 1) mentioned guarantor is enough (eg. E-mail, fax, letter). Of course you will find a sign out link in every newsletter.    

3.8  Email Contact

If you get in touch with us (eg. Email or contact form), we will process your information for the processing of your request in the event of follow-up questions.

The data procession for the implementation of  precontratual  measures, which happen on your requests or if you are already a customer to implement the contract the legal bases for the data processing is Art. 6. Abs. 1 S. 1 b) DSGVO.

We only process other personalized data if you agree with it (Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 a) DSGVO) or if we have a legitimate interests in processing your data (Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 f) DSGVO). Legitimate interest occurs eg. If we answer your emails.

  1. Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google analytics uses so called “cookies”, text data which is saved on your computer and enables a analysis of the users use of a website. Through cookies generated information about the use of this website via page visitors are usually transmitted and saved on a server of google in the USA.

In this we see our legitimate interest according to Art 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 f) DSGVO. Google has subdued and certified to the Privacy-Shield-Agreement between the European Union and the USA. Thus google is obligated to keep condition to the standards and requirements of the european data protection. You will find more information on following website:

We have activated the IP-anonymisation on this website (anonymieIp). Thus your shortened IP address will be send by google within member states of the European Union or to other contracting states of the agreement above the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases your whole  IP address will be send to a server and will be shortened there. Google will use the information on our account to assess the use of our website by you to compile reports of the website activities and to render other websites use and the internet use linked to our service offering.

The IP address which is transmitted within Google Analytics will not be linked to other google data.

You can avoid the saving of Cookies by appropriately adjusting your browser-software we would like to make you aware of the fact, that the result could be a limited function of our website. Furthermore it is possible to prevent the transmittion of your data to google, generated by the use of our website by Cookies (also your IP address) as well as the processing by google, if you download and install a browser-plugin which can be found on following link:

As an alternative to the browser-plugin or within browsers on portable devices you can install a Opt-Out-Cookie, which will prevent the registration by Google Analytics for this website in future (this Opt-Out-Cookie only works for this browser and for this domain. If you delete the cookies in you browser you will have to click on the link again). To install the Opt-Cut-Cookie click on following link:  [Google Analytics deaktivieren].

  1. Storage Time

We save personalized data only as long as it is needed for the fulfillment of pursued purposes if it is not specifically stated. 

In some cases it is requested by the legislator to store personalized data, for example for tax- or commercial law. In that case we save data only for legal purposes. They will not be used or processed differently and will be deleted after the expiration of the legal retention period.

  1. Your right as from data processing affected subject

According to applicable laws you have different rights concerning your personalized data. If you want to assert this rights, please get in touch with the guarantor mentioned in point 1.) via email or mail with clear identification of your person.

Following you will find a overview over your rights.

6.1  Right of confirmation and information

You have the right on a detailed reply on the processing of your personalized data.

In detail:

You have the right of knowledge about the processing of your personalized data at all time. If this is the case you have the right to get fully free-of-charge information about your saved personalized data,  together with the right to demand a copy of this data. Furthermore you have the right to following information:

  1. the purpose of processing;
  2. the categories of your personalized data; which are processed
  3. the recipient or the categories of recipients to which your personalized data has been disclosed or are going to be disclosed, especially recipients in third countries or international organizations;
  4. if possible, the duration of the saving of your personalized data, or if this is not possible the criteria for the determination of the duration.
  5. Existence of the right to adjustments or deletion of your personalized data or the right to limitation of processing via the person in charge or the right of revocation against this processing.
  6. Existence of the right of appeal at a supervisory authority
  7. if your personilized data has not been collected, all available information on the origin of the data
  8. existence of automated decision-making including profiling in accordance with Article 22 (1) and (4) DSGVO and – in this case – meaningful information about the involved logic as well as the scope and the effect hoped for you according to this kind of processing.

If personalized data is transmitted to third countries or international organizations you have the right 

to appropriate gurantee according to Article 46 DSGVO in connection with the transmission.

6.2  Right of correction

You have the right to demand the correction or the completion of your personalized data. Concrete:

You have the right to demand from us an immediate correction of incorrect personalized data concerning you. In consideration of the purposes of processing you have the right to demand a completion of incomplete personalized data, also with a complementary declaration.

6.3  Right of deletion (right of disappearance)

In a series of events we are obligated to delete your personalized data. Concrete:

You have the right according to Article 17 (1) DSGVO to demand from us a immediate deletion of your personalized data and we are obligated to immediately delete personalized data if one of the following points occurs:

  1. Personalized data is not needed for the purpose of which the data was collected for or processed in any other way
  2. you withdraw your consent on the processing according to Article 6 (1) S. 1 a) DSGVO or Article 9 (2) a) DSGVO and a other legal basis for processing is missing
  3. You enter an objection according to Article 21 (1) DSGVO  against the processing and there are no legitimate reasons for the processing, or you enter an objection according to Article 21 (2) DSGVO against the processing.
  4. Unlawful processing of personalized data
  5. The deletion of personalized data is necessary  for the Fulfillment of legal obligations of Union law or the right of the Member States, which we are subject to.
  6. Personalized data has been collected in relation to services on offer of information society according to Article 8 (1) DSGVO.

If we have released information and if we are obligated to a deletion according to Article 17 (1) DSGVO, we take appropriate measures in consideration of the available technology and implementation costs, also including technical nature to inform those responsible for the processing of data, which process the personalized data, about your demand of the deletion of all links according to your personalized data or copies or replications of your personalized data.

6.4  Right of restriction of processing

In a series of events you are entitled to demand a limitation of processing your personalized data. Concrete:

You have the right to demand a limitation of processing, if one of the following points occurs:

  1. you deny the correctness of your personalized data until such time as we need to check them
  2. the processing was unlawful and you have denied the deletion of your personalized data and instead have demanded a restriction of the use of your personalized data
  3. we don't need the personalized data for processing any more, but you need data for the Geltungmachung, practice or defense of legal claims or
  4. you have entered an objection according to Article 21 (1) DSGVO, as long as it is not certain if our legitimate reasons prevails yours.

6.5  Right to data portability

You have the right to receive, transmit your personalized data machine-readable or transmitted by us. Concrete:

You have the right to receive your personalized data in a structured, machine-readable and conventional format and you have the right to transmit this data to other people responsible without any impediments by us if

  1. if the processing is based on the consent on Article 6 (1) S. 1 a) DSGVO or Article 9 (2) a) DSGVO or on a contract according to Article 6 (1) S. 1 b) DSGVO and
  2. the processing occurs through an automatic procedure

If you exercise your right according to Article 1 you have the right to damand, that we transmit your data directly to other persons responsible, if technically possible.

6.6  Right of Objection

You have the right to object to a legal processing of your personalized data, if the situation is special and justified and our intrest in your data is not predominant. Concrete:

You have the right, in reasonal special situations to object against the processing of your data according to Article 6 (1) S. 1 e) or f) DSGVO. This is also valid for profiling. We stop processing personalized data, exept we can prove obligatory reasons worth protecting, which predominate your rights, freedom and interests or the processing is used for assertions, exertions or defence of legal claims.

If personalized data is processed by us for direct advertising, you have the right to protest against the processing of you personalized data for advertising reasons, this is also valit for profiling, if it is linked to direct advertidement.

You have the right to object against concerning the processing of your personalized data which are occur for scientific or historical research purposes accourding to Article 89 (1) DSGVO, exept if the processing is needed for the fulfillment of public interest duties.

6.7  Automated decisions including profiling

You have the right, not concerning automatic processing – including profiling – to not be subjected on a decision, which produces its legal effect concerning you or affects you substatially. A automated decision based on the cololected data doesnot take place.   

6.8  Right to withdrawal data protection consent

You have the right to withdrawal the consent to the processing of personalized data at all time.

6.9  Right to complaint at a supervisory authority

You have the right to a complaint at a supervisory authority , especially in member states of your abode, workplace or the location to the presumed infringement, if the view is taken that the processing of your personalized data is unlawful.

  1. Data Security

We are eager to provide security of your data within the currently valid data protection law and concerning technical possibilities.

Your peronalized data is transmitted encrypted.  This applies for your orders and costomer login. We use the coding system SSL (Security Socket Layer), however we would point out that the data transmission via internet (e.g. communication via e-mail) can show security holes. A complete protection of data from third parties is not possible. For protection of your data we have technical and  organisational safeguards according to Article 32 DSGVO, which are sonformed to the state-of-the-art. 

Furthermore we do not guarantee that our offers are available at a certain time, disruptions, interruptions or break downs cannot be precluded. The servers used by use are carefully secured regulary.

  1. Transmission of data to third parties, no transmission of data to non-EU states

Fundamentally we only use your personalized data only within our company. If we include third parties according to fulfillment of contracts (for example logistic service provider), they only receive personalized data which is needed for the transmission of the corresponding capacity.

If we outsource certain parts („order processing“) we obligate the order processors contractually to only use peronalized data in reconcile with the reqirement of the data-privacy-statement and to protect  and provide the rights of the person cocerned. 

The transmission of data to persons or places beyond the EU beyond the in point 4 mentioned case does not take place and is not planed.

  1. Data Protection Officer

If you have questions or reservations concerning data security, please contact our data protecion officer:

Olga Weber, CEO